Advertising photography is more than a technical skill. It’s about establishing a relationship with the viewer, becoming a visual communicator. The idea is to lead the viewer to a particular place in the image where you want them to look. Technical knowledge will not insure that you become a great photographer but it will help you become more fluent in the language of this craft.

Image, Image, Image . . .

This should come after “location, location, location ! In other words, SHOW the location, show the real estate, show the interior, show the details, show the beauty ! Use the camera that you already own ! We can ALWAYS find something good to feature and a way to light it, even an $80,000 mobile home once it’s staged.

The concepts that I teach in my Live and Online photography classes are demonstrated here in the architectural photographs in my gallery. I used the simple techniques offered in my course for Real Estate Professionals. I did not take advantage of professional lighting equipment, but made a point of placing myself in your position, using available light and staging for photography. In addition, if you would like an expert marketing edge in shooting your high end homes, I offer my Professional photographic services at a reasonable rate.

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