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How to use the camera that you already own
to make “Luxury Home” Style Photographs

Why do images work so well? . . . They create a visual memory

A description in text can be misleading and widely ambiguous. Copywriting by itself can be exaggerated, whereas an image conveys 1000 words exactly. A photograph is precise and invokes a visual memory. You can ignite desire by using my techniques of subliminal persuasion.

I have a online continuing education class for Realtors® detailing how to create images of their listings, which compare to the luxury home magazines, using the camera that they already own. In this course, the information conveyed can be immediately utilized.

My class in architectural photography is specifically tailored to Real Estate Professionals. They learn how to make spectacular architectural photographs to boost their marketing. With this online course, I provide a certificate within 10 days and include a free textbook. The only homework is to read the book that comes with your camera. The information can be used the next day and from then on. In the same amount of time it takes to do the job badly, applying the information presented in this class, you can create images with impact that will generate more interest, more contacts and more sales.

900 Washington state Realtors® have used this proven course to gain a head start.

I have begun a new wave of quality and elegance in real estate photography. This class is broken into 6 elements that expose professional techniques. Here is a sample of what you will learn in this continuing education course:

  • Tangent line distraction
  • Optical illusion of depth
  • Let your Line Shine
  • Best angles
  • Rainy day photography
  • Lighting interiors
  • Appropriate resolutions for advertising real estate
  • Staging for photography
  • Eye catching light and contrast
  • Prevention of overexposed interior windows
  • The most underestimated tool . . .

“The combination of his [Dennis] teaching ability, his unique experience, and knowledge turned a complex subject into an easy to understand topic. This allowed me to implement the material from his class into my business that day.” ~ Graduate Nick Reynaud, Windermere

Keep your day job. Learn how to make pictures with impact.

You will be a Real Estate Professional with an arsenal of architectural techniques.

What makes this class one of a kind?

  • I teach Simple Techniques
  • You probably can use the camera you already own
  • I demonstrate how to use Available Light
  • Custom Designed Content for marketing architecture

Compete with the luxury home photographers . . .

In this photography course, I teach you eight methods to cure an overexposed window, as well as what you can do to make the lights of the house sparkle (no filter involved). Plus there is a dollar tool available from the hardware store that makes your images look very professional.

Do you notice that most of the books on architectural photography are “coffee table” books that show photographs of multi-million dollar properties without explaining how to shoot them? This is the value of my class because you will be exposed to techniques and methods to create this same style of pictures.

But what if you still want to hire an expensive photographer to do your advertising?

By understanding these photographic concepts, this course empowers you to effectively communicate your marketing strategy with a photographer.

Use images to go from LISTED to SOLD

This Online Class is offered on demand at your own convenience. Work at a comfortable pace that fits your time schedule. The course is divided into 8 one-hour segments and can be easily paused and resumed at any point. It consists of all the quality information offered in the Live Course with the benefit of attending in your own location. Currently, there are no clock hours or continuing education credits for this Online Class. We are continually acquiring additional state approvals and as the accreditation develops, clock hours will be available for your state.

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