Think your photographs are good enough . . .
But can they do your job in only 3 seconds?

Dynamic Images Sell Real Estate

Live Real Estate Photography Class

Learn in a traditional classroom setting from an Expert Photographer. Use the camera that you already own to make “Luxury Home” Style Photographs. My class in architectural photography is specifically tailored to Real Estate Professionals. Compare the price of this one-time class to continually paying a high priced photographer for every listing. This course offers 7.5 Clock Hours of Continuing Education in Washington and Idaho.

Online Real Estate Photography Class

This Online Class is offered on demand at your own convenience. Work at a comfortable pace that fits your time schedule. The course is divided into 8 segments and can be easily paused and resumed at any point. My class features Custom Designed Content for advertising architecture. Save your marketing dollars spent on professional photography by taking this class.  Available now!

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The concepts that are taught in this real estate class are demonstrated in the photographs in my gallery. I used the simply techniques offered in my course for Real Estate Professionals. I did not take advantage of professional lighting equipment to create these images, but made a point of placing myself in your position. In addition, if you would like an expert marketing edge in shooting pictures of your high end homes, I offer my Professional photographic services at a reasonable rate.

Traditional customer service marketing methods aren’t enough!

I see so many caring Real Estate Professionals trying to apply a warm personality, knowledge of disclosures and other documents, excellent negotiation skills, even local knowledge in their advertising - all to get prospects to contact them. They do not realize the reason a customer calls is because they saw great advertising pictures of real estate on the Internet. Clients searching on the Internet are not wasting their 3 seconds reading text.

The New York Times on February 11, 2007 made the claim that, “Eighty percent of people across the country who bought a new home last year used the Internet while house hunting, and they rated photographs as the most useful tool in their search, according to a survey of buyers and sellers by the National Association of Realtors.”
~ Making Every Pixel Count by Vivian S. Toy.

“You get only one opportunity to distinguish your services from your competition. Photography is the most visible way to set yourself apart from the many agents with no idea . . . Why they need to present their listings in photographs, which is what most buyers see long before visiting the property, Decisions to see the property are made based on the photos. Dennis covers all the elements of good photography, from composition, lighting, camera basics, perspective to technique and more. His credentials speak volumes. He can add to your knowledge regardless of your experience. The cost of his class is only $97, the value is priceless!”
~ Bob Johnston Homescapes Photography

National Association of Realtors reports that 74% of real estate buyers use the Internet when looking for a home. ~

Golden sunset bayview real estate

My name is Dennis Huckaby. I have been an Advertising Photographer for over 25 years creating photographic illustrations for many types of marketing. During my career, my customers needed dazzling, cutting edge images of interior and exterior sets that they designed and built for television advertising, to demonstrate their expertise to other potential clients. Most of the photography that I created for Banks, Galleries, Film Studios, Commercial Factories, Resorts, Annual Reports, Infomercials for condominiums and Location work, demanded an advanced understanding of architectural concepts, design and lighting.

Boost your Real Estate Advertising

You have two opportunities to boost your real estate marketing with persuasive architectural images. Enroll in one of the courses described above or take advantage of my marketing skills to create your own dynamic images. My staff and I promise to provide the highest quality of architectural and interior photography for all your real estate listings.

We guarantee our work, always striving for excellence.